This week we have been continuing to explore the seaside and doing so through poetry. We have been reading ‘Seaside Poems’ by Jill Bennett, a lovely range of poetry which we have been discussing and identifying some features. From this we have then been creating our own acrostic poems, writing what we see and do at the seaside. We have been exploring different vocabulary and thinking about how to describe what a seaside and beach looks like to a person who has never been before. We talked about the golden sand, the blue crashing waves, eating delicious ice creams and making sandcastles with our friends.

We have been revising a lot of our already learnt sounds in phonics, and applying all of this to our writing. We have also been practising our handwriting in ‘Drawing Club’ and ‘Weekend News’, looking at letter formation and how we control our pencil. We have been exploring ‘Stella and the Seagull’ and using that as our inspiration for our weeks ‘Drawing Club’. Through this story we have been talking about the effects of littering our beaches and what this can do to our wildlife. We have had some great circle time conversations about what we can do to help, and how we can all help to make a change.

Year 3 came to share some of their narrative stories that they have been writing during their literacy lessons, based on the Seaside! We loved hearing these and we got to ask questions about their characters and setting.

We have continued with ‘Secret Stories’ and it it the best part of the day, knowing that someone is coming in to read a story to us and we have to guess who it is. Thank you so much to all parents who have been involved so far!

Miss S 🙂

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