YEAR R BLOG – WEEKS COMMENCING 03/06/2024 AND 10/06/2024 – SUMMER 2

I can not believe we are in our final term of Reception. How time flies when you are having the best time.

For our topic this term, ‘Fun at the Seaside’, the children will be exploring and being immersed in all things beach and seaside related.

We started our first week off with looking at some beach pictures from our friends, who were lucky enough to have visited the seaside in half term. The children shared what they did at the beach, what they enjoyed and what kind of things you might see there. We also shared some shells that we had found at the beach – and we were listening out for the crashing of the waves. This then sparked lots of conversation and we were sharing our own experiences and we decided that we would make a beach in our role play area. We found some deck chairs, an umbrella, some towels to sunbathe, sun-cream, inflatables, beach bags and we were off on our trip to the beach.

In week 1 we read ‘The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’, and we loved Mr Grinling and those pesky seagulls, who kept on eating Mr Ginling’s lunch. We explored what a lighthouse is, and decided that they were there to warn ships of the rocks and shore at night time. We wanted to know more about Mr Grinling’s life, so as part of our curriculum is to ask open ended questions, we decided to write Mr Grinling a postcard, with a question on. We designed the post cards our selves, exploring firstly what a post card in and their purpose. We learnt a lot about where to put the address, the fact that we need a stamp and looked at the front of some other postcards to get some ideas for our own. I made some stamps for the post cards – of my face – which the children thought was hilarious.

In week 2 we read and explored ‘Clem and the Crab’. This story was all about a little girl and her dream to clear her local beach of rubbish. We spoke about this as a whole class and why it is so important to look after our environment and what can happen to our world and wildlife if we don’t. We had some amazing ideas as to how we can help do more ourselves. We linked our drawing club to this story and the children created some beautiful work.

We carried out some potion making, chalking, lego, building, painting, messy tuff trays of geli baff, ice-cream making from shaving foam, repeated patterns and so much more in our ChIL time. Check out the pictures to see what we have been getting up to in our first 2 weeks back at school.

Miss S 🙂

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