What does Art look like?


    At Brill School, Art and Design teaching is used to engage, inspire and challenge pupils. Our Art and Design curriculum equips children with the knowledge and skills needed to experiment and be creative. We want children to learn from the process of working creatively and to become more confident in producing their own works.  We provide opportunities for the children to be inquisitive and explore new techniques in lessons, adding breadth and depth to their understanding and skills.  Our Art and Design curriculum seeks to give pupils an understanding of how art impacts and enriches our world and so the work of artists and designers is an integral part of the curriculum. At Brill children learn how being creative is part of being human. Through teaching and learning, they should be able to think critically and develop a more informed understanding of Art and Design.  We believe that through this approach we will be supporting our pupils to becoming a Brill Child.  

    Miss Stimpson
    Miss Stimpson

    Year 2 Teacher


    At Brill our Art and Design curriculum is based on the National Curriculum and this is delivered and progression is ensured by following the Brill Art and Design Curriculum progression of skills map for each year group. Our children show engagement because they are challenged by our curriculum. The children will be resilient learners who overcome barriers and understand their own strengths and areas for development. They will be able to critique their own work as an artist because they know how to be successful. All children will be safe and happy in art lessons; these lessons will give them opportunities to explore and experience their own creative development and support children in fostering a love for the subject. They will be encouraged and nurtured to overcome any barriers to their learning or self-confidence because feedback is positive and focuses on artistic skills and knowledge. They will be able to talk about a variety of famous diverse artists over time and develop artistic skills and confidence. 


    Our Art and Design curriculum will be measured by:

    • The children having a developed understanding of the names, key works, styles and techniques of major artists at an age appropriate level.
    • A secure understanding of the key techniques and methods for each key area of the art curriculum: colour, form, line, tone, texture and shape.
    • A progression of understanding, with appropriate vocabulary which supports and extends understanding.
    • Gaining confidence in discussing artists, art, their own work and identifying their own strengths and areas for development. 

    This world is but a canvas to our imagination.'

    Henry David Thoreau

    How do we teach art at Brill?

    Art at Brill is focussed on the varied topics that each year group explore.  At the beginning of a topic journey, an end goal is discussed and shown to the children.  Then each lesson, after that, are stepping stones to that piece.  This progressive method allows children to recognise the purpose behind their work and strengthens their understanding of both the process and outcome.  

    Each year the children at Brill build on their artistic ability and add to their ever-growing bank of skills.  We strive for the children to leave our school with the confidence and experience to tackle and explore any creative task they might face in the future.

    Within each exploration, the children are provided with opportunies to respond, reflect and then finally, create.  This three step process has been beneficial for Art & Design at Brill school, and is something that we are very proud of.  


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