Modern Foreign Languages

What does Modern Foreign Languages look like?


At Brill School we believe that, in line with our vision of a Brill Child, a high-quality MFL curriculum will enrich their education. It fosters children’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge. The teaching of MFL enables children to express their ideas and thoughts in another language and to understand and respond in both the spoken and written language. It also provides exciting opportunities for them to use the language for practical purposes and to rise to the challenge that this presents. We believe that learning a new language helps children develop confidence and resilience as well as adding a depth and breadth to the whole school curriculum.

The learning of languages provides a valuable educational, social and cultural experience for all children, regardless of ability. Children develop communication and literacy skills that lay the foundation for future language learning.  

Learning languages raises awareness of the multilingual and multicultural world and introduces an international dimension to the children’s learning thus giving them an insight into their own culture and those of others. It ensures diversity though deepening their understanding of the world and widening their horizons.

The learning of French and Spanish provides a medium for cross-curricular links and the reinforcement of the knowledge, skills and understanding developed in other subjects.


Although the teaching of Modern Foreign Languages is only statutory in the KS2 curriculum, we at Brill School believe that preparing the children in KS1 will have a positive effect on their confidence and enable them to become successful linguists.

MFL at Brill School:

  • Ensures every child has the opportunity to study a foreign language; developing their interest in the culture of other nations, communities and beliefs.
  • Ensures children have access to high-quality, engaging teaching and learning opportunities.
  • Ensures children develop an increased wider cultural understanding through our enriched and varied MFL curriculum.
  • The curriculum is designed in line with the National Curriculum and the skills therein : Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Cultural Understanding.
  • Languages are taught by a specialist MFL teacher and supported by class teachers and TAs using Word of the Week outside of MFL lessons.
Mrs Tate
Mrs Tate

Modern Foreign Languages Teacher

A multi-sensory and kinaesthetic approach to teaching is used with a physical and outdoor element introduced wherever possible as an aid to understanding and retention. Lessons are enjoyable, non-threatening with success built in at every level  in order that the children develop a positive attitude to their learning. Confidence and self-esteem are built through positive reinforcement for any contribution they make, however tentative. Higher ability and bilingual children are given extension activities where appropriate.


Our MFL curriculum is engaging and accessible to all learners, well-resourced and planned to build in progression. In addition, we measure the impact of our curriculum through:

  • Pupil discussions about their learning.
  • A robust marking scheme with which the children are familiar.
  • Clear learning objectives set out and progress recorded on What I will Learn sheets for each new topic.
  • Monitoring and reflection against subject-specific skills defined in each year of study.
  • Children applying their knowledge of language to other areas of the curriculum.
  • Children applying their cultural understanding and tolerance across society and cultures.

The teaching of MFL ensures "  ... a liberation from insularity and provides an opening to other cultures. A high-quality languages education should foster pupils’ curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world."

National Curriculum Programme of Study.


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