Wraparound Care

Our Wraparound care and clubs will be provided by Sports 4 All (S4A), specialists in active and creative childcare. S4A run a club called “Sunsetters” which provides clubs and childcare until 6pm daily.

S4A offers a highly flexible service. Working parents can take advantage of the longer opening hours and those children whose parents do not require wrap around care are welcome to attend any of the other extra curricular clubs on offer.  Bookings are made online where you can choose whole or part sessions daily depending on your childcare needs and your children’s interests, this can be done here- s4aclub.co.uk/brill-church-of-england-school/  If you place a booking after registers have been checked at 8.30am each morning, please notify the school office by email.

S4A work in other local primary schools and have been running since 2007. They are a Buckingham based company who offer Early Years Ofsted registered childcare and P.E in a select few schools in Buckinghamshire. S4A offers a wide range of activities for children and strive to be as flexible as possible to parents. They pride themselves on their clubs being more than just childcare, but clubs and activities for children to attend because they want to not just because of childcare needs. 

S4A want children to share their passion for all sports regardless of ability. They aim to give everyone the confidence to give sport a go without fear of failure, unearthing new talents and celebrating achievements at all levels. 

This extended after school club offers endless fun and excitement in a safe and secure environment. They aim to provide a place where children can relax and enjoy creative and stimulating activities in a friendly, disciplined, safe and relaxed atmosphere, and we feel that their ethos marries well with our own school (and sports) values.

There are always options for games, crafts and outdoors play as well as the structured activities.

Their timetable for wraparound care this term is as follows (although the timetable shows the structured activities from 3.30 their wraparound care begins at 3pm at the end of the school day);


3.30-4.30 – FOOTBALL
4.30-5.30 – NERF
4.30-5.30 – NERF
5.30-6.00 – GAMES/CRAFTS


3.30-4.30 – COOKING
4.30-5.30 – SCIENCE
5.30-6.00 – GAMES/CRAFTS


3.30-4.30 – DODGEBALL
4.30-5.30 – DETECTIVES
5.30-6.00 – GAMES/CRAFTS 


3.30-4.30 – BASKETBALL
4.30-5.30 – ART
5.30-6.00 – GAMES/CRAFTS




3.00 – 4.30pm £6
3.00 – 5.00pm £7.50
3.00 – 5.30pm £9
3.00 – 6.00pm £10.50

Extra Curricular Sports Clubs

In addition to wraparound care, S4A also provide extra curricular sports clubs.  

Brill School have joined S4A’s new festival program starting amongst local schools, and their sports clubs give children the opportunity to refine skills and get support from specialist sports coaches to improve their ability in each sport.

Holiday Clubs 

Holiday clubs are open between 8am-6pm with activities all day. A wide range of activities happening at the same time means children never have to do any activity they don’t want to. They strive to make holiday clubs as flexible as possible with bookings that can be made per hour so you can build the hours you want. Due to the Covid restricted bubbles they are less flexible than normal currently but aim to revert back to their normal system as soon as the guidance allows. 

Childcare Vouchers and Tax Credits 

They are able to accept childcare vouchers when making a booking you can use the coupon code “childcare-vouchers” which will send S4A the booking form. Payment can then be made by searching S4A Sports 4 All Ltd with your voucher provider. 


If you have any questions regarding what S4A offer please feel free to contact them, there is a chat option on their website or please feel free to contact Matt (their manager) directly on matt.ogle@s4aclub.co.uk or 07989467850 / 01280 460560. 

To see their timetables for holiday clubs, extra curricular clubs or wrap around care please click here s4aclub.co.uk/brill-church-of-england-school/

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