For our first week back after Easter we had to start the week with our belated Easter Egg hunt that we had earnt from last term. Miss Stanyer hid all of the Easter Eggs inside and outside and it was lots of fun trying to find them, it was even more fun eating them at the end of the day I am sure.

Our caterpillars had turned into butterflies over Easter at Miss Cruickshank’s house – and she managed to record them breaking out of their cocoons. It was amazing to see. We named them Ben and Gabe from a vote, and we let them out into the wild on Friday. We loved having them in our classroom, feeding them and observing their beautiful colours.

We were introduced to our new topic – ‘Ticket to Ride’. This is where we will be exploring different types of journeys that we go on and the modes of transport that we use to get there. Everyone was gripped immediately and really excited about our new topic.

We discussed what going on a journey actually means, and we said that it is when you go somewhere, visit somewhere and walk around somewhere. Miss Stanyer explained that over the next few weeks we would be looking at different types of journeys and thinking about what journeys we have been on.

We spoke about how our feet and legs are the first things that get us anywhere and we talked about what journeys we go on, when we walk there. We said that we come to school, go to the park, go to our friends house, go to the corner shop for an ice cream and go and visit our family. Miss Stanyer bought in lots of different types of shoes and we discussed where the people wearing these different types of shoes might have been on in their own journeys. There were dance shoes, wellies, flip flops, walking shoes and football boots. We then talked about different journeys that we have been on that require different shoes. We drew round our feet and measured them with the cubes to see how big our feet were.

We were then introduced to Rosie’s Walk – a story about a little hen who goes on a journey around a farm, and a sneaky fox is following her. We were learning about prepositions – learning about and using vocabulary such as around, on, in, behind, under and over. We acted the story out a few times and had story cards to order to show that we knew the order of events.

In maths we have been looking at numbers past 10 and what these look like. We have been understanding what these numbers are made up of and using the correct vocabulary. For example … I know that 14 is made up of 1 ten and 4 ones. We have also been exploring how to represent these numbers in different ways and have been playing different games which will support building our knowledge and identifying the different numbers. Ask us about the kangaroo game – that was a favourite!

We have also been exploring the patterns past 10 and noticing how the pattern continues in a 1,2,3 pattern. We have also had fun looking at odd and even numbers.

We then started to dive into our topic more and discussed all of the modes of transport that we know and we came up with a very long list. It ranged from a jet plane, to a helicopter, to a tractor and a yacht. We watched some videos and did some research about different modes of transport that we weren’t sure of and loved watching a sea plane land on the water!

In our ChIL time we have been exploring a space journey in our sensory tray, making our own planets, lots of independent writing, making obstacle courses, lots of dress up and role play and SO much more!

We have had a great first week back and we are very excited to be back at school with our friends!

Miss S😊

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