Year R Blog – Week Commencing 4th February 2024 – Spring 2

This week we have been exploring the weather in more detail and taking on the role of weather reporters. We have discussed why we have weather reporters and why their jobs are so important. We talked about how the weather changes in different seasons, however we see all weather in all seasons now a days because of climate change.

We have finally started to plant in our garden area, which is very, very exciting. Amber our Year R volunteer has been helping, and will be helping over the next few weeks. We are very lucky! We have been checking on the progress of our caterpillars too!

In our science lesson we looked at the life cycle of a plant, and how the seed starts off and what it eventually will grow into. We labelled and sequenced the timeline together as a class. We have also been exploring different flowers that Miss Stanyer has been bringing into class, and observing differences and similarities.

In Maths we have been using number tracks and filling in the blanks. This was supporting our understanding of one more, one less and sequencing of numbers. We have also been subitising again, up to 10 this time! We have been playing a great game, where we have to roll the dice and circle the dots that we can see that show the number on the dice, using subitising.

We have been reading Jasper’s Beanstalk and retelling the story. We have taken on the role of actors, narrators and prop finders for the retells and it has been lots of fun! The children have a wonderful imagination and use all sorts of props to match the storyline. We have then been ordering the pictures from the story, cutting and sticking them down to show that we have understood what comes first, next etc.

We loved World Book Day and coming into school in our PJs. What a comfy day we had. The children all shared what books they bought in, and we selected a few to read throughout the day. We really do love story time, and it is so important for children to understand the love of reading, and reading for pleasure.

In PSHE we have been looking at healthy living, what we can be doing to our bodies to look after them and thinking about what we put in our bodies – food! Miss Stanyer made a rather unhealthy sandwich involving jelly babies, ham, bread, chocolate, crisps and crackers! We discussed how having these things in small amounts every now and again is ok, however we shouldn’t be eating lots of these things and that the sugar isn’t great for our bodies. Luckily, the children stopped Miss Stanyer from eating the sandwich by shouting ‘Noooo!!’.

As Easter is approaching, in RE we have been thinking about what reminds us of Easter and how we celebrate with our families. Easter egg hunts and having family lunch was a common answer, and it was lovely to see the children speak of their Easter memories so fondly.

We have been doing lots of lovely colouring, working on our fine motor, exploring our Easter and Spring themed tuff tray, building obstacle courses, playing in the role play area and having a good old game of football! We have also been making friendship bracelets, exploring number in the sand, measuring the different beanstalks and making different faces with our loose play resources.

It is a very special day on Sunday – so I hope you all enjoy your day with your children! Enjoy your lovely cards and cuddles! Happy Mothers Day to you all.

Have a great weekend,

Miss S 😊

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